Top hits 13 ⚡

This is the top 13 of all tracks listened during last 30 days. Once a webvisitor plays more than 50% of any track, its statistics scores up. If several tracks share the same number of listens, the latest track played gets higher position. Note: each webvisitor influences track position in real time.

You can start playing any of top 13 tracks by simple clicking on it. In this case you will be forwarded to track release page and playback starts automatically. There you can get more information about number of listens and date of last playing by moving the pointer over a track position in charts.

On the third place of Top Hits 13 is the terrific track "Я Пойду" from "Болото" project with 3 listens.

In the second place is the terrific track "A Healing Something" from the project "Will Waves" with 3 listens.

And finally, in first place is the groundbreaking track "Язык" from the "МП44" project with 3 listens.

Well, glory to the winners! And woe to the vanquished.