янеброшутебяоднуумиратьнапеске is the third project of Phil, an independent musician from the Russian Federation. The name of the project was thought up suddenly, while communicating with a girl, at a difficult moment for her. Phil wanted to support her and his brain came up with these words. Then, to make it more poetic, it was decided to remove the spaces from the title.

янеброшутебяоднуумиратьнапеске captures all of Phil's emotions during the songwriting process. Phil's great love for nature is not neglected in his songs.

The sound is forcibly aged, like in lo-fi records. All the suffering and heavy thoughts that are weighing on Phil, he expresses in his tearful vocals, and the more calm instrumental that replaces it gives hope for a brighter time.

Style: bedroom screamo, 5th wave emo, experimental emo, emo, indie